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Cavanaugh Lecture on the Myth of Religious Violence.

January 31, 2012 Leave a comment

For those who haven’t read Cavanaugh’s magnificent book The Myth of Religious Violence: You really should! This book has had an enormous impact on my own thinking about the “twin categories” of religion and the secular, about how these concepts are constructed, defined, and employed to legitimate certain forms of practice and marginalize others. I recently stumbled upon the following video of a lecture He gave at Butler University which essentially outlines the argument he gives in greater detail in his book. There is also a Q&A session that follows.


A Day to Relax.

June 25, 2011 Leave a comment

Today has probably been my first real day off in, probably over a year. No work, no errands, no homework or classes, no obligatory social engagements. I was thinking to myself I ought to pounce on this opportunity to do some intense studying and writing. After deciding that option sounded fanatical, I decided to literally do nothing today. …Okay, so literally nothing may be metaphysically impossible, and I did wind up reading while lying around all day, but for the first time in a really really long time I just read to read, rather than take notes etc. I decided not to write a blog either. So while I’m enjoying a day of freedom, here’s a video recording of G.A. Cohen, one of those rare philosophers able to retain a sense of humor., on the “German idea of freedom.” Enjoy.

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3 Part Interview with William T. Cavanaugh

April 16, 2011 Leave a comment




I’ve been a huge fan of William T. Cavanaugh’s since I started reading articles of his about three years ago. Admittedly his Myth of Religious Violence was the first full book of his that I picked up (I was stoked to have found it the first week of it’s publication). I talked about that book so much it actually inspired two regulars at my coffee shop to buy copies and now they’re trying to get others in their church to read it.

For about two years now I’ve regularly searched the internet to see if there have been any new audio/video lectures of his being posted. Unfortunately for Cavanaugh fans the pickings are slim for audio/video media featuring Cavanaugh. So I was stoked to see this three-part video interview on the Centre for Public Christianity website. The first video corresponds roughly to the issues he discusses in The Myth of Religious Violence, while the second discusses themes addressed in his Being Consumed. The third video…I haven’t watched it yet. I got too excited that I couldn’t not post these up right away. Now that it’s posted I’ll watch it. You should too!